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Hello My name is Natalie DeNardo and I just joined this group! I have been a BCBA since 2009 and have always had a passion for helping others improve their health. In 2015 I received a certificate in health coaching at William James College in Newton MA. I was in the first cohort and unfortunately the program was discontinued after my training. I never pursued health coaching after receiving my certificate because I was intimidated on how to best intertwine the two disciplines, ABA and health coaching. However, more recently I decided to take the plunge and take on one health coaching client. I love it! My client has already made some progress and I find myself applying ABA when working with her. I would like to slowly take on more clients.

I would now like to look into getting liability insurance and to figure out how I would be covered under the BACB if I did more with health coaching since the two are different. I have a certificate in health coaching but I am not credentialed or don’t have a license. Therefore, my LABA (license in ABA) would still be my primary credential. Any advice would be appreciated! Katie-I will reach out to you for more specific questions. Thanks everyone!