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Katie Costa

Hi Alicia,
I am just finishing a Health Coaching program through Vanderbilt University and would highly recommend the route of Health Coach training. A new credentialing body has been developed and is in the first phase of credentialing Health Coaches: International Consortium of Health and Wellness Coaches. This was developed to provide more consistency in the field for those who call themselves Health Coaches. Research in this field is increasing and the demand is rising considering all of the diseases/health issues that can be prevented by lifestyle change. For BCBA’s who are interested in getting into this field, I think getting a Health Coach certification is a nice path to follow. Insurance and/or wellness companies are looking at Health Coaching credentials and this is a good way to get your foot in the door. It also is helpful for developing your own Health Coaching business. This training is also invaluable…I would not have been as well trained as I am now had I stepped into this field as only a BCBA. (I also have a Master’s in Psychology and worked as a school psychologist for many years before pursuing this route.) There are important aspects to the training such as motivational interviewing in which BCBA’s are not trained. Laraine was correct in saying that behavioral science is not as thoroughly covered as the training we have so our background provides an advantage when it comes to behavior change in Health Coaching. Feel free to contact me with additional questions: